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Text 'MountIsa' to 0475 111 222
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Our 2017 Destination Planner is available in hard copy, flip book and as a mobile app. Text 'MountIsa' to 0475 111 222 and it will be sent to your mobile.
During the mid-20th century, an immigrant brought seeds from an heirloom species of tomato grown in Northern Italy called the 'Red Pear.' The Red Pear became almost non-existent…
Archer and the Fossil Window to the Past was a recent evening event held at Outback at Isa designed to educate our local community about the opportunities available to incorporate…
In Mount Isa, we’re lucky as we have Barramundi in our backyard. This might sound a bit fishy (pardon the pun) considering we’re remote and arid, however visit our beautiful…
Exquisitely preserved species from the Riversleigh fossil fields in Northern Australia tell the story of the ‘Australia Marsupial Arc’.
Recently, here in Mount Isa, we’ve received a number of award wins and have had the opportunity to compete against some big names in the state. Mount Isa Entertainment and…
Mining is a huge part of Mount Isa's history. To really get a feel for where the town has come from, take a look around The Hard Times Mine. We were lucky enough to experience…
Yesterday 1pm, history was made. Outback at Isa’s Hard Time Mine hosted its 100,000th person on the tour. Planning was difficult, timing was everything and the scene was…
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