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Alcamisa Tomatoes - Produced only in Mount Isa

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During the mid-20th century, an immigrant brought seeds from an heirloom species of tomato grown in Northern Italy called the 'Red Pear.' The Red Pear is a tasty, meaty tomato containing few seeds. 

For many years this tomato was grown in Isa backyards when fresh produce was difficult to source. As farming methods and transport of fresh produce improved, few people continued to grow tomatoes. The Red Pear became almost non-existent in Mount Isa. Al Cameron, local plant expert and groundsman at Outback at Isa, grew the plant from the last 2 seeds left. 

Al decided to cross-pollinate the red pear with an heirloom tomato called 'oxheart'. The Oxheart has a sweet, rich complex flavour, is very meaty but still juicy. This combination produced the 'ALCAMISA' that we now grow on the property at Outback at Isa

We use this unique Mount Isa tomato to make sauces, soups and relish for our homemade café fare and more importantly, for your enjoyment. 

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