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5 tips for adjusting to life in Mount Isa

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Here you are, in a brand-new place.


1800km from Brisbane. 2600km from Melbourne. 4700km from Perth. A part of you might feel that Mount Isa is an exciting new chapter in your life, but mostly you might just be feeling HOT and overwhelmed.


So many people dream of making a change, but not as many people do it. If you are reading this, then you probably have already been brave enough to give it a try, and I have a few tips to speed up the process of adjusting!


1. Volunteer


I don't recall ever disliking any of my fellow volunteers, because anyone that is willing to give up their time to do something for free is bound to be pretty nice. Think about putting in some time at Paws, Hoof and Claws (our local animal shelter), the PCYC, Jangawala (The Catholic Church soup kitchen) or Meals on Wheels. You'll make friends and help out your town in the process. What's better than that?


2. Join a club


Clubs connect people with similar interests, so you're pretty much guaranteed to have something in common with whoever shows up. Enjoy live music? The Shack is on every second Saturday. Love to stargaze? The Astronomy club meets out at Lake Moondarra every month. Young children? In addition to the library's children's program, there are two Mainly Music groups as well as several playgroups.


3. Be A Tourist For The Day


Head to Outback at Isa on Marion street. There is a tour bus, two museums, an art gallery, a coffee shop that bakes everything fresh on site and an Outback park with a Fish Hatchery. You'll get to know Mount Isa and find out what the locals do in their free time (and you'll also learn the history of your new home).


4. Find Your Local Hangouts


Being recognised does make you feel like part of the community, but this won't happen if you don't get out of your house. Get a favourite coffee shop and get that first punch in your loyalty card. Try out the local restaurants. (The deck at the Isa Hotel is lovely. The cocktails at the Buffs are great. The Burke and Wills have great sticky ribs). Get to know Jenny, Sue and Tracey at the library. Soon you will become a known face in the community.


5. Find out "What is on" and GO!


A good starting point would be to follow 'Mount Isa What's On', Outback at Isa, the Civic Centre and the North West Star on Facebook. If the local school has a fete - just go! Even if you don't have children, see it as an opportunity to support your community and at the very least, grabbing dinner from the international food section gives you a night off from cooking.


Moving to a new place can be scary and overwhelming, but if you get out into the community, you're sure to feel like it's your new home in no time.

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